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Genetic Fitness Matrix

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Welcome to Genetic Fitness Matrix, Inc.

A Message From Dr. Benjamin Apollos, CEO

Hello friends. I am delighted you stopped by to check us out. We have been waiting for you. Whether you are interested in getting in your best personal shape, becoming a fitness expert to help others reach their goals, open your very own personal fitness studio, or just need spiritual and mental motivation for day-to-day living, you get it all right here at Genetic Fitness Matrix.

Dr. Benjamin Apollos

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Dr. Benjamin Apollos

Professional Bodybuilder





We are changing the way the world does fitness with our revolutionary genetic testing. For more detail about our DNA testing products and services, feel free to get in touch with us.

Dr. Benjamin Apollos is considered the Fitness Doctor among his peers, bringing nearly 35 years of fitness consulting experience, 4 college degrees, World's Best Personal Trainer designation by Life Fitness, the only Bodybuilder to win both the Mr. Florida and Mr. California and Bodybuilder Of The Year, 21 years as a military veteran serving as a US Marine and US Army Chaplain Officer are just some of his amazing credentials.  He has invented more than 100 life changing products and its no wonder that he came up with the idea of DNA testing to determine eating and exercise traits for individuals.  He is the father of DNA Fitness testing, first using this idea in 2012.  He works with a number of Genetic/DNA testing companies and more than 20 scientist, geneticists, medical doctors, and natural path doctors for each test performed.  In addition, he leads a team of over 600 personal trainers, fitness coaches and life coaches worldwide.

SPECIAL RECOGINITION:  Dr. Apollos was named one of the top 4 personal trainers in the world and number one Male Trainer in the world by Life Fitness and a Trainer To Watch by & (November 6, 2012) 




- Professional Bodybuilder (All Natural) National Gym Association

- 34 Year Fitness Veteran

- Trained over 18,000 groups and individuals

- Radio Fitness personality

- Mentored and trained over 2500 personal trainers

- Bodybuilder of the Year (National Physique Committee)

- One of the world's Best Personal Trainers (Life Fitness)

- Authored more than 50 Fitness Manuals, Articles and Books

- 21 Year Retired Military Veteran

- U.S. Marine

- Commissioned Army Officer

- U.S. Armed Forces National Bodybuilding Champion

- Mr. California Champion

- Mr. San Diego Champion

- Mr. West Coast Overall Champion

- Mr. Pacific USA Overall Champion

- Mr. Florida Overall Champion

Refund Policy: We do not issue refunds on intangible products such as E-books, CEUs, Webinars, or personal training and any other non-tangible products.  On some tangible products there are no refunds as well such as tangible manuals, books, etc.  With personal training we rest at the option of giving the customer a credit for services paid for as long as our agreement states so.  In addition, if we discover that you have shared your password access to any of our E - Products for someone else to experience our product for free we reserve the right to cancel your access to that/those E-products without possibility of refund.  Also, you could be held legally liable for copyright infringement.  If you are not sure, call us immediately once confronted with the idea of forwarding our E - product to someone else.  We appreciate the consideration.  Once a product has been sent to the email you provided, this is when the no refund policy begins.